Debbie Haynes

Debbie is an author, HR Development Trainer, and educator.  Her passion is to assist families in understanding their roles and the importance of maintaining a healthy foundation. She sees the institution of marriage and the privilege of parenting as paramount to sustaining healthy communities. She encourages women to remember that they are beautiful and strong queens who provide support to our men, exercise feminine energy, and do healthy self-care. She reminds women to be a positive support for each other while being the best version of themselves and finding solutions in the spaces that they find themselves.

Her memoir Better, Not Bitter: Staying Healthy After a Crisis was written to influence people to self-care, heal and stay healthy after experiencing life challenges. The breakout prayer book, entitled: Grounding Myself Through Prayer contains pointed guidance to help in different circumstances.

Debbie desires to help to re-stitch the relational fabric of our society with morality, integrity, healthy mindset, and wisdom to build lasting relationships. She is a woman committed to offering an alternative to living a less than ordinary life by renewing one’s mindset and being the change you want to see.

Staying Healthy After a Crisis


How to Stay Healthy After a Relationship Crisis

What do you do when you give it your all and it’s not enough to save your relationship? How do you deal with the pain of a failed marriage?

In this touching memoir, Guidance Counsellor, Debbie Haynes, sheds light on the painful topic of divorce and its implications for women. “Better, Not Bitter” is about one woman’s courageous journey through a divorce; the secrets of her survival and the steps she took to become better instead of bitter. Through her story, prayers and practical steps to remain healthy after a relationship crisis, the reader will experience spiritual renewal and healing.


Overall Health

How to maintain a positive and right spirit despite the challenges?



Lessons on self-healing and self-care.


Maintaining Hope

The power of vulnerability and the beauty of exercising feminine energy for a brighter, better future you.


Exercising Strength

How to forgive yourself and others and not become bitter.


Positive Changes

Why it is not too late to start over or pivot.


Immunity Boost

Bite-size nuggets and insights to chart the way forward.

This book is a call to all Courageous Queen-Sisters to rise from the ashes of a failed relationship, learn the lessons, recognize the benefits within the loss, and soar like the phoenix. 

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The Brand of CourageousQueenSisters is all about empowering women to find innovative ways to serve, find solutions in the spaces we find ourselves, and leave the universe a little better than we found it.

About Us

The Courageous Queen-Sister knows many people are depending on her and many times she rises to the occasion of being brave, unselfish, dependable, and wise with incomprehensible energy.

The Courageous Queen-Sister is aware of her imperfections, but will never allow negative things, people, or events to distract her from being progressive and attaining her goals.  She is confident and makes decisions that are mutually beneficial to everyone.  She believes in the win-win concept and seeks peace and harmony in every relationship.

The Courageous Queen-Sister takes her life in stride and balances her feminine energy with strength and softness, her dreams and passion with freedom of spirit, and her self-confidence and integrity with compassion, grace, and mercy.  She understands the difference between right and wrong and has a strong moral conviction even in a dilemma. She believes in a source that is higher than herself and allows herself to be guided, accordingly. She is a role model that others want to emulate.


To engage women and discuss issues surrounding their total health: mind, body, spirit/soul, finances, destiny/purpose.


Empowering women to become better and healthier in every dimension of their lives.


Primarily women, of all ages.


Share life changing messages and have fun while doing so.

Guiding Scripture

James 2:26 | "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also".


Passionate Discussion. Research and Informed Sources. Audience Evaluation / Feedback.

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